Written by: Melanie Gomez

GaBso is a well-known pop/EDM artist from Israel who can be compared to artists like The Weeknd, Sia, and Kanye West. Off of his first English EP, Made Me Wanna Change My Name, he recently released “All In My Hand.”

In such short time, GaBso has already made a name for himself. He has already created four albums, three of which became gold records, winning first place at the “Song Festival of Israel”, and more. After all, he has been performing on stages for over fourteen years!

When making music, it’s all about the relationship between the audience and GaBso himself. Since he’s so religious, doing this was something quite differently in the music industry of Israel. He would frequently express strong opinions within his music. For example, when he released Caravan in 2009, the album echoed due to its political contents that were sensitive at the time in the Israeli society. Despite the controversy, the album did gain goof reviews and sold successfully.

Although “All In My Hand” may not have a political influence, it does hold powerful meaning behind it as GaBso sings lyrics like, “What you call waste / I call it worth,” and “What you call lost / I call it home.” He isn’t afraid to say how he feels no matter what negative things people may say, and that’s what makes a true artist, because he isn’t giving into what a “star” should and shouldn’t do.

GaBso’s songs have become an important part of the Israeli soundtrack, making him one of the top artists in Israel. His beliefs and musical taste is what has led him to be the unique artist that he is today.

1. Where I’ll Put My Shoes
2. All In My Hand
3. Words Words Words Words
4. Made Me Wanna Change My Name
5. 789

Check out the video for “All In My Hand” below:

Official Website: http://gabsomusic.wix.com/gabsoBandcamp: https://gabso.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GABSOSHAY/