Gabe Furtado’s single “Flowers” drops on his birthday, Friday, January 7th, as a gift to others. A parable about self-love, there is a lot of hope and positive vibes radiating through his latest album. In 2014 he released covers of Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Mika, giving an example of his future approach. Having started his career off with covers, he branched out into his unique form of songwriting. Flowers is the latest addition to his growing discography, one that feels particularly well-timed given the lingering self-doubt the world at large has been radiating.

With this single, he starts the countdown to his upcoming album of the same name. Several producers helped to flesh out the sound, specifically Hi5, Sandra Carletti, and, of course, Gabe Furtado himself. Positivity is crucial and proves to be the essence of the overall message. Quite timely in a way, there is a loveliness to the style. His work has always featured a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, yet with this one, he shifts that perspective into a celebration of the self.

Everything about it reveals a bit of Gabe’s journey. Having started in journalism, he decided to take that focus on the world and shift it a slight bit. Since music tends to be quite enlightening in exploring motivation and purpose, it makes sense he’d take this specific route.

On releasing the “Flowers” single, Gabe Furtado grows as an artist and musician.