This album follows their biggest UK tour to date, with sell out shows at venues the likes of the renowned Electric Ballroom in Camden proving that this band can start parties the world over. Being dubbed “humanity’s most exhilarating dance party” is no small feat, and with an album like this it’s easy to see what earned them that title. 


Combining traditional festive tunes, such as Silent Night, with updated covers of party tracks, complete with the Furnace stamp of creativity and humour, this album is sure to be a staple of Christmas parties all over the world. Stand out track ‘Giving in the Name Of’ is an inspired reworking of the Rage Against the Machine song of the (almost) same name, with updated lyrics to sing about Santa and gift-giving. It keeps all the riotous energy of the original song but with a splash of Furnace humour and a flurry of sleigh bells to really make this track their own. 


This album is sure to turn heads and get everyone in the mood for a jolly festival season, one in which we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Watch the video for ‘Giving in the Name Of’ below and stream A Very Furnace Christmas now!