Fresh off the back of her success on tour with classical music royalty, Natasha Hemmings has now turned to her next release – new single and accompanying music video for ‘Summer Shores’. 


It’s a song about an enviable situation – enjoying the last of the summer rays with the one you love and spending time together on the beach. Natasha commands the music video with the sort of confident eye-contact and self-assurance which lead to her being crowned Miss England in her early twenties.


She now has completed studies in Music, English Literature and Poetry under her belt, and brings all these practical skills together in her upcoming album Whispers. It’s a work she compares to that of mindfulness, with the aim for the album to convince you to stop, take stock of what is around you and just take some time out to breathe. It also features impressive collaborations with the lead singer of Irish band Clannad, and Enya’s sister, Moya Brennan, and Grammy award winner guitarist Jose Feliciano.


‘Summer Shores’ is a stand out track. It’s beautifully peaceful and tranquil, featuring impressive guitar work from Feliciano and lyrics are written to accompany by none other than Hemmings herself.


The album features similarly re-worked classical pieces, given an update by Hemmings and her impressive lyrical know-how. Other highlights include ‘Easter Song’, the peaceful ‘Autumn Leaves’, and a particularly passionate rendition of ‘Our Song’.


Need an antidote for the autumnal wind? Watch the gorgeous video for ‘Summer Shores’ below!