Foxy Mammals announce the release date for their new single ´Slow´-on September the 4th. This new song, which moves between blues and rock, has been mixed and mastered at Forking Path Studios, in a place called Tujunga -up from the foothills of Los Angeles National Forest (USA)- by the grammy-nominated engineer Nick Page.

As Brian Eno did in 1995 by publishing the album “Original Soundtracks 1”, the composition of ´Slow´ is thought of as if it were a soundtrack to a movie. The main plot of the film would deal with the feelings of loss of childhood, the purity of love in those early years, and the later inner struggle to maintain innocence.

After the halt, forced worldwide by covid-19, the band Foxy Mammals continue its schedule of concerts and activities which will lead them to enter the studio again at the end of this year.

The video is available on the group’s YouTube channel:

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