Follow No One is a Rock Duo featuring Rich Hall & Pedro Murino Almeida, who’ve both been in the limelight for a while. The 2 come together on their new track ‘Fear No Evil’ a pure Rock Anthem that is sure to make it’s presence known in the rock world.

For a while, the duo has been releasing artfully curated tracks that have been warmly embraced by their audience. This track is no exception and carries immense potential to land itself in many upbeat playlists. Every song released by the duo has its own solid identity, thanks to the masterfully developed lyrics and impactful melody.

The boys aren’t afraid to cross boundaries within the genre, and that is reflected heavily in ‘Fear No Evil’. The song itself holds a very fresh, enjoyable and welcoming melody, offering the audience a new and revamped style of Rock that many will come to admire. The devotion invested in the track is undeniable, and serves as a trailer for all the greatness that this duo has to offer in the future.

-Caroline Ruth