Quick off the mark with an imaginative single, Husky is a charismatic artist on a mission to change hip-hop forever. Glistening rap song with hip-hop elements throughout, the vocals flow freely and sound entirely iconic. The beat was created in Husky’s university accommodation by YouTube channel “smazzebeats”, and the rest is history.

Speaking about the new release, Husky shares, “….and we’re having fun. Bloody eyes, dilated till you see what’s all inside, you might find, living memories that never wanna die.” A lot of people have probably had a hard time talking about their issues, life situations or just personally how they feel and so they divert that struggle to getting high on drugs and drinking till they can’t see (having fun) but if you really looked behind the eyes of all the individuals in that room, majority will turn out to not be feeling the best on the inside so its kind of like a juxtaposition where everyone in that room is supposed to “be happy” because they LOOK like they’re happy ,but they really aren’t as happy as u think and are really actually trying to runaway from a fear. 

So fly away is kind of like my experiences with sharing my emotions and time with people in my life, Which I thought a lot of people could relate too.”