What started as a meet-cute turned into a rom-com, eventually blossoming in a decade-long romance. After being in separate projects, married couple Flara K merged their musical stylings; Sam’s unmistakable vocal tones and Collin’s commanding bass create a smooth and electric fusion. Flara K makes music that speaks to the moments people feel everyday and tell stories of a growing need for deeper connection.

Devotion” is a love song that speaks to the couple’s personal love and also to that feeling of infatuation, that punch in the chest when you fall in love at first sight. 

Inspiration came from the song “No One’s Gonna Love You” by The S.O.S. Band. Flara K started out with a groovy bass line and drew the feel-good vibe from that. Then, they brought the skeleton of the track to Montreal producer Lucas Liberatore, giving him carte blanche over it. 

The name Flara K is an homage to travel and literature. Flara is derived from St. Florian’s Gate in Krakow where Sam & Collin got engaged while adventuring through Poland in 2014. K pays respect to the couple’s favorite authors and stories, Franz Kafka (several of the main characters in his novels are referred to simply as K.) and to Kurt Vonnegut.