If you know ladies in Hip Hop, then you must know New Jersey Native LADY LUCK, former Bad Bad Boy recording artist BABS BUNNY and sensational MISS LISSA. The trio joined forces to bring us current event, interviews and entertainment with a cool podcast, “The Bacon Egg and Cheese Show.” The dynamic ladies recently brought in Eleven as a producer for the show that airs daily at 12pm. Eleven is known for working with females in the music industry. His all-female Hip Hop compilation, which included Lady Luck and Babs Bunny, received a Grammy consideration in 2021, and he’s also the producer of Lady Luck’s single, “Stroke”. “The Bacon Egg and Cheese show” is already destined for success with interviews already in the archives, such as MISS JONES (radio personality), Vinny (Naughty By Nature) and a host of other great entertainers. Be sure to follow the ladies and tune in at noon.

Watch video: http://www.mtsmanagementgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/VID-20211014-WA0000.mp4