Hamilton, ON duo Family of Things drop a deluxe version of their 2019 debut full-length, Oscilloscope. The deluxe release includes three previously unreleased tracks in addition to the original nine.

Oscilloscope (Deluxe) is available to stream in full via your preferred platform now.

Speaking on the LP’s newest single, “Mess,” Family of Things reveals that it came out of a quiet, reflective stage. It’s soothing, nostalgic, and glimmering personality reflects that place and perspective. A tight groove that permeates the textured, prominent bass riff and a crisp vocal line comprise the verses of the song. This gentle soundscape then brashly collides with a cloud of colour and vibrancy for a contrasting chorus and bridge section. Perhaps this song encompasses some of the very foundational sonic landscapes that have inspired the evolution of Family of Things, or perhaps it is just a fortuitous kaleidoscope of timbre and texture resulting in a summer jam.

Oscilloscope is a compilation of emotional realities, met both with lyrical substance and musical support. Energy, instrumentation, time signature, vocal performance, pacing: these elements are carefully plotted-out, and delicately strung together into nine stories, nine songs. Like the screen on an oscilloscope, this record explores what it means to feel, to live and, in turn, to love.  

During the three-year-long process of writing, recording, producing, and mixing Oscilloscope, Family of Things lives evolved greatly. New creative skills and spaces combined with new seasons in life gave them a vision for future projects and music. This deluxe release was the next creative chapter. It includes three singles that present a “new edition” of Family of Things. These songs show a fresh side of their creative abilities and welcome listeners to continue with Family of Things on their journey as it unfolds.