What does your writing process look like?

It varies, we don’t sit down to write, sometimes someone would bring a song that’s fully done and we just polish it between the 4 of us. Or sometimes somebody brings a riff and we work from that, but never like: ok lets sit down and figure this out. It is more like spontaneous and immediate. When we like something, WE KNOW.


Do you have any specific items you need with you in the studio? E.g. talismans 

Not really, just Pepsi!


Where do you usually take inspiration from?

Everything. I don’t think we “take” inspiration from nothing in particular because you really cannot control it, we get ideas anywhere randomly.


What’s important for you when making music? 

Silence – to be able to hear what I’m hearing in my head clearly.  Besides that. a phone to be able to record the idea and not lose it.


Could you share any behind the scenes from shooting the ‘Supersonica Girl’ music video? 

It was a fun experience, there was around 20 people on skates that day, probably 1 of them knew how to skate…On top of that there was no a/c and so many lights! Still managed to be one of the best experiences we have ever had so far as a band, made many friends that day too. The team was amazing and none of us will forget that shooting, ever.


What is the track about? 

It is a fun song, about this imaginary seductive girl that made us all go wow for her!


Are you working on any new material at the moment? 

Yes, we actually have the upcoming single on the mastering stage now.

What are you planning for the future?

New ep, new music video, album, tour!