Kris “Halo” Pierce, also known as aka DJ Halo/Haunted Echo, is an multi-award winning producer who, in 2015, joined ranks with two-time Billboard Top 20 artist, Kim Cameron, releasing a dozen chart topping originals and remixes. Kris is also the owner and operator of Halo Askew Entertainment, a record label dedicated to eccentric electronic music curation, development, publication, and live production.

He just released his newest single “Blue Flower,” the first in a set of back to back releases from his upcoming album Artificial Breed. “Blue Flower” contains aspects of nu-disco and new wave within the overall synth pop and electronic pop sound. It’s co-written with Jason Bazinet and Tijen Najarian, Tijen also provides the vocals. 

“Blue Flower” is sexy and is about self-sabotaging in a romantic relationship. The chorus goes “Don’t you want to dance/say you want to dance/don’t you want to dance/say you want to dance/blue flower” over the synthesizer, keyboard, and bongo-style drums. It’s hypnotic and carries the dark wave style beautifully. You find yourself singing the lyrics even after the song is over; you want more.

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