Indie-Music: First off, thank you for taking the time to sit with us Cory.  Please 
take some time to introduce yourself to our readers.  Who IS Cory M. Coons?

Cory M. Coons: Thank you for the opportunity! I am a Recording and Performing Artist, & Singer/Songwriter of many years from South Mountain, Ontario, Canada!

IM: You’ve released several projects produced by Ron Nevison, legendary producer.  How did that partnership come about?

CMC: I started sending some ideas to Ron through a couple of different music platforms online where his profile was posted as the legendary rock producer that he is… And we started having some conversations in around 2012/13 I think it was, as he really enjoyed my work and that eventually led to us working together on my 2014 E.p “Share A Little Time” in California, and then again on my latest album “The Long Road Home” in 2018 in Vancouver, WA.

IM: Tell us about your latest single, “Love Will Fire the Flame.”

CMC: This is the 5th and final single being released from TLRH album on MTS Records… I think it talks mainly about having the strength and tenacity to keep pushing through all the adversities we face, and of course having the element of love to fall back on which can stir up our desires when we face these challenges and struggles.

IM: You were nominated for a Josie Music Award this year in Dollywood.  How was that whole experience?

CMC: It was amazing for both myself and my family to experience going to Tennessee this past September for the 5th Annual show. Dollywood was great for my daughter to experience for the fist time, and also to have both her and my wife with me on the red carpet as I was nominated for “Male Album Of The Year” was awesome! It was a true honour for me to have this body of work of mine nominated this year. 🙂

IM: Any plans for a new video sometime soon?

CMC: Possibly next year. We’ll see? 😉

IM: When can we expect another album or EP project?

CMC: I have some new songs I am working on… hopefully a new single will be ready sometime early next year, 2020. 🙂

IMC: What’s the one piece of advice you would pass along to a musician, who is just starting out?

CMC: Always surround yourself with the right people that you can trust to work with and be on your team.

IM: Any tour plans for next year?

CMC: It is possible, again nothing definite yet… But always something I do consider, if and when the right opportunities come my way!

IM: Thanks again for taking the time Cory.  Any parting words for our readers?

CMC: Thank you all so much for your continued support with my music. It’s because of you all that we as artists and musicians can continue, and have been able make and perform music over the years! Cheers~ CMC…