Hi Billy Ray!  How are things going for you in 2020?  I know that this year has been a real downer for most people.  What has the current pandemic meant for your music career?

It has honestly given me a chance to work on honing my production skills. A chance for me to be more active in social media with my fans and supporters that I lovingly call” Ray Rockers”

Congratulations on the chart-topping success of your single, “Get The Funk!”  #2 in South Africa was it?  How did you feel when you got the news, and why do you think it has appealed to listeners in other  countries?

I was very excited I think anytime you can get  that type of popularity on any 1 song it’s a special thing. I have worked a number of years for a moment like this, so it felt great. But I think the wide spread appeal comes from the thirst that people still have for funk music and the fact that I reference some old school artist of yesterday in the song.

Your music is a blend of genres…rock, funk, r&b, hip hop, jazz…is there any genre you won’t do, and what is the most eclectic song that is in your personal arsenal?

I won’t do opera… my most eclectic song has to be the song that I’m in the middle of doing a full-length video to titled “Had a Good woman.” It is a slow tempo ballad-type rock song, but it had a rock riff and rough-type lyrics, with a rock guitar solo at the end. Just a different type song.

What song by another artist is one of your favorites, that might surprise some people?

“Computer Blue” by Prince, just a different song with a kick ass guitar solo.

You have just released a very entertaining video for your single…can you tell us about it?

Its got it all a Soul Train Line, dancers, me on the back of a truck singing – its all over the place.

What is the next single release for Billy Ray Rock?  When can we expect that?

“Had a Good Woman” Next week!

Have you given any thought to collaborating with other artists on a song?

Heck yeah!

If you had your choice of any artist, who would it be and why?

Dr Dre. I would love to put my Rock Vocals to one of his edge Rap Beats

Outside of music, do you enjoy watching any sports?  Do you miss sports this year?  Who is you favorite athlete of all time?

Football… The NFL, and although I hate the Dallas Cowboys, I am a Life long fan of Hall of Fame running back Tony Dorsett.

Do you have a personal idol?  NO not really Is there one person you look up to and say, “Man, I wish I could be more like them?” 

Probably The lead singer for Imagine Dragons because he is privy to some great tracks to lay vocals to.

Thanks Billy Ray!  Looking forward to more great music from you.  Check out Billy Ray Rock at