With the release of searching for freedom, Ziggy Alberts announced to the world that it would be back to basics that saved our lockdown. With the meditative, acoustic tracks, Alberts presented a simpler world – in which love and compassion rule and happiness is always possible, no matter how hard it may seem. We caught up with the phenomenal artist to find out more…


Congratulations on the release of your new EP, ‘SFF_ALTS’! What made you decide to release these alternative takes of beloved tracks?

Thank you so much! The last 18 months I’ve spent more time in the studio than ever before; and after finishing the new album, I was so hungry to get back in there. These songs I feel are my latest sonic exploration, and instead of moving onto new tracks thought why not give listeners alternative versions? It’s been an epic little side project, and the fans seem to love it.

The latest is ‘chemistry’. Can you tell us about how the gorgeous ice skating video came about?

I discovered Carlotta Edwards and her ice skating clips in nature and I just thought – wow, this is so unique and beautiful. I immediately wanted to collaborate with her, and I love the result.

You recently recorded a live show of some of your new tracks. What was it like to play them live for the first time after so long?

At first, it was nerve-racking, then it was amazing. It really allowed me to understand which songs were connecting deeply with fans, and which worked best live. I’m really happy with where my new live show is – and this new album has just really made it better than ever!

What’s next for Ziggy? Where do you see yourself in twelve months?

I don’t know. These last 18 months have shown me that even when you make plans, the universe may have other ones (haha) I just hope me, my loved ones and my listeners are healthy 🙂