Country singer/songwriter from Canton, NY, Christian Parker has been dazzling audiences for over 3 decades with his melodies and lyrics of hope. His emotional style in both his sound and his writing is what keeps listeners coming back for more. Christian centers his themes and stories around the events and tales of others, while also honing in his wordplay around the human condition. He speaks to the trials, tribulations and victories we encounter in everyday life, and to the complexities of relationships, whether in the form of loss or appreciation.


Christian recently released his newest album, Every Passing Mile, an encapsulation of all his skills as a musician from his years of experience and learning. With a sound similar to that of Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan, Every Passing Mile is an alternative country album built around Christian’s skillful acoustic playing.


The 13 song album features hits like “Cast a Line” and “Every Passing Mile” alongside 12 other songs that tell their own stories. Each song boasts of love and hope in their own way, with tension being the overarching theme of love in songs like “Fire with Fire,” “Last Glance,” and “Ordinary Girl,” and faith being the theme that tells the story of hope in songs like “Dream Catcher,” “This Time,” and “Dark Eyed Gal.” What’s best about the album is Christian’s elegance with the acoustic guitar. It really is just an extension of himself. His effortlessness of his singing and guitar playing is what makes the album so unique. He’s telling these stories as if they’re his, and they are in an indirect way, as it is with his listeners. 


Listen to Every Passing Mile here:


Christian Parker knows what strings to tug at when it comes to the listener’s experience with his music. He gives them a feeling of connection, interacting with the events he shares even if they’ve never really happened to them. The way he uses music to convey feelings is phenomenal. He really has mastered his craft.


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