6 weeks ago Eugenia Post Meridiem, the Italian Indie band crash landed into our radar, setting the stars alight. Since then, they have gifted fans with 2 sublime singles, ‘willpower’ and ‘around my neck’.

Now to complete the trilogy they share the dark ballad ‘whisper’ which also marks the final instalment ahead of their sophomore album release like i need tension on the 18th of November. 

‘whisper’ is like the deep breath, the calm before the storm and a moment to pause before we have the 8 track project like i need tension. Riding their meteoric journey through space, the band have one more stop to make with the beckoning ’whisper’ until they complete their cosmic, musical odyssey with like i need tension.

“Is a dark ballad you can dance to while wondering what could be the organic shape of despair. Conceived from a musical idea of Eugenia, we mostly focused on designing the right mood rather than overdeveloping the structures, which is the most linear and storytelling-like of the whole bundle. In order to recreate an old ballad atmosphere, we used harmonised choirs and specific sound processing and timbre choices. When the song reaches the end it drags along while Giovanni plays a heartbreaking guitar solo as if he exorcizes the nostalgia accumulated during the song; we are the musicians but we feel like a hypnotised audience.”   Eugenia Post Meridiem 


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