Singer/songwriter Erika Olson puts her whole self into her music. While music is new for her, you would never know when you listen to it. Her voice is bold, strong, and soulful and her melodies are grounding, moving, and dynamic. Erika combines vulnerable vocals, contemporary storytelling, and musical influences spanning indie, folk, country, blues, Americana and pop.  When pressed to describe her music, Erika likes to call it “folk with a beat.”

She just released her new country folk single “Mamma Ain’t Got No Time.” She uses the steel pedal to create a twang in the guitar often associated with country music and conjures folk music traditions to create a melody that’s uniquely Erika. The song was actually influenced by a conversation she had with one of her friends. Erika was struggling with finding time to write songs because of her responsibilities as a mother. “My friend so wisely suggested that I write that song. And so, it began,” shares Erika. “This was not the first song that I wrote, but it was the first song I wrote in my own voice. I felt like this song revealed who I was and how I saw the world. Yes, life is hard, motherhood is a huge transition, and also it is magical, transformative, and I don’t regret it for a second.”

“Mamma Ain’t Got No Time” is a slower song that’s a ballad to her time and her family. The message is of love, even when she feels overwhelmed and drowning in responsibility, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her family means the world to her and she feels it’s the best gift she could ever receive.

Erika left her job in a litigation practice to be a full time mom after she realized that her first born and herself were not doing well when she went back to work after maternity leave. But after 2 kids, she felt she was loosing herself and didn’t recognize who she was becoming. She took up songwriting and guitar to stave away the monotony and repetition of motherhood and everyday life. Now, she’s ready to release her debut album, This is How I Pray, to be released later this year.

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