UK singer-songwriter and musician James Billett has released his brand new five-track EP ‘What Will They Say About Us?’ 

We open with the heartfelt ‘Faith Over Family’ which deals with someone revealing their sexuality to their strongly religious father who has an unsupportive response. A highlight on the track is the evocative lap-steel which travels throughout creating a real atmosphere alongside light drumming and pleasant-sounding guitar. 

‘What Will They Say About Us?’ is a protest song for 2020 complete with melodic acoustic guitar and light piano that frames the deep-thinking lyrics “All I see, is history repeated and progress deleted”.  Fans of Tom Odell, Badly Drawn Boy and early Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (CSNY) will appreciate the detailed analysis and it is clear to see why the charity Black Minds Matter UK wanted to join forces with Billett to help promote the response to the deterioration of mental health within the black community. 

‘Hall Of Fear’ is based on a person’s analysis of their own mental health and the desire to fight their inner demons and improve. Backed by beautiful strings, Billet’s whiskey-soaked voice is reminiscent of early James Morrison in particular the hit single ‘Wonderful World’. 

The EP finishes with a version of ‘Faith Over Family’ which was recorded live at the famous Wilton’s Music Hall nestled in East London, United Kingdom from a live show from earlier in the year. This live cut really complements its predecessors as it allows the listener to hear a different side to James Billett and builds anticipation for future live performances. 

In summary, James Billett has this canny ability to compose meaningful songs about the human condition that make the listener think carefully not only about themselves but also the world around them.

The EP is released on the 25th September 2020. Meanwhile, you can listen to James Billett’s other songs on Spotify, and watch the video for the title track below.