Neo-new wave outfit Head Fake are back with a brand new collab EP between them and EDM group Dub Fu Masters. The aptly named “Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters” is comprised of three songs that are all existing Head Fake songs given a brand new and shiny EDM sheen. The result is a vibrant and upbeat EP that sounds clean, fun and very well done.

As a band, Head Fake are shrouded in mystery, as even their Facebook page only lists them as X, Y and Z. They’ve garnered a reputation for making very intimate music, like their earlier singles like “I’m Found”, which pierces their enigmatic image to reveal a sentimental side. “Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters” takes things in a completely different direction, harkening back to good old club sounds.

The first song off the EP is “One Step”, one of the group’s earliest recorded material. It’s given a retro beat that directly conveys the feeling of an 80s club thanks to the use of a sonic synth. The pacing is brisk and light, and it stays like that through the entirety of its run time. It’s an interesting way to remix an old song like “One Step”, though it’s executed fairly well.

“Trump Funk”, the second song on the EP, opens with a reverb heavy guitar shifting through the left and right channels, before laying the foundation or the synth heavy sound that makes up the bulk of the song’s playtime. It’s a lot more experimental than the previous track, with a devilishly catchy electric bass guitar forming the backbone for the song’s other synths to build upon. If anything, it’s an extremely fun track, and this also carries over to the next song.

The last and final track off of the EP is “Overjoyed”, and it tops the previous two songs lyrically and sonically. It brings back the all important electric bass guitar, though it keeps it a bit more subtle this time as a faint sound. Things slowly transform into a soft and poppy modern day club sound, with some upbeat lyrics that are also a little off-kilter giving “Overjoyed” a unique feeling.

Overall, “Head Fake vs. Dub Fu Masters” is a refreshing showing from the Neo-new wave outfit. It’s a fun EP that keeps things straightforward while finding small things to experiment with, and fans of EDM or new wave should definitely give it a look.


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