President Street, the enigmatic pop-fusion duo from down-under, have just released a lyric video for their autumnal anthem, ‘I Found Me’. The song follows the lyrical narrative of the unadulterated joy felt at the beginning of a blossoming relationship. 


Reflecting this, the lyric video makes use of beautiful cityscapes in pouring rain contrasted against blazing sunshine, and follows around a single solitary woman who is completely content in her own adventures. A fitting setting for this song which is about loving someone else, but also about loving yourself in equal measure. 


President Street have had a busy year, with an acoustic tour around the UK gaining them fans this side of the pond. This was ahead of their string of releases, of which ‘I Found Me’ is the most recent. 


With a career blossoming and more releases on the horizon, it seems the sky really is the limit for this exciting new band who have won fans round all over the world.


Watch this beautiful lyric video from the enigmatic duo here: