Pop artist Emily Merrell incorporates lush textures, dreamy melodies, and layers of lyrical symbolism in her music. For her, music was a solace, a respite, a safe space due to her tumultuous childhood. She has found that music is the things that tethers our souls to ourselves. Emily seeks to infuse every layer of her artistry with story and meaning, leaving plenty of room for each listener to connect with her songs in a wholly unique way—within harmony or melody, in a single turn of phrase, or an uninhibited intake of breath, or through an overarching storyline. She weaves wonder into every corner, leaving each listener to discover it wherever they happen to begin.

Emily has been working on her latest album release, The Hallowed Wide. Each track will be released throughout the year, telling a story of this hallowed wide, the name she gave the space between ourselves and others, or our current selves and the versions of ourselves we’re trying to grow into. She embraces the messiness of human connection, trust, and intimacy.

She just released the last song in the journey of connection called “Quicksand.” The music is ethereal and feels light, but below the surface in her lyrics is depth and heaviness. Her cool and sultry vocals and her mystical music are reminiscent of Madonna. “Quicksand” takes on the thrill of a new relationship, jumping into the proverbial canyon, understanding that your footing is unstable but leaning into the mystery all the same. The intrigue is worth everything. You’ll eagerly assume the risk for the exquisite tension of this single moment. There’s hardly a more alluring feeling in the entirety of the human experience.

Listen to “Quicksand” here:

Emily shares, “This is the final piece of the “descent” into The Hallowed Wide. It’s a wholehearted surrender, if beautifully naïve—we imagine this will be the most difficult part of our journey, that we’re taking the final step, but we’re really just beginning…”

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