Elza is an alternative rock singer, composer, producer, arranger, keyboardist, and guitarist from Canada. With her debut EP Glories, Elza managed to make it on community radio stations and reach #16 with “Tracks ‘Purpose”and #18 “Glories” on the radio’s charts.

Continuing her hard work and dedication to music, she’s now promoting her newest single and music video for the song “Swayed,” which can be found on her upcoming album, Nothing’s Wrong.

Elza isn’t afraid to venture to the dark side seeking wisdom or explore intimate feelings, and we feel like her music video for “Swayed” shows that. With lyrics like, “Pardon my intrusion / I believe I have something to say / Too many confusions,” and “Should’ve never stayed / Should’ve never swayed,” along with the choreography in the video, Elza is verbally and physically sharing her emotions with her audience.

Listening to the track, you can’t help but feel the rawness of her voice with every word she says. “Swayed” has a unique and haunting vibe to it, but we’re loving it so much.

When creating Nothing’s Wrong, she spent a lot in order to achieve the vision she wanted. “As a solo artist I write, compose, arrange and produce all my music. I spent over 2 years working on this album alone, carefully crafting all the arrangements. When I felt complete with the demos, I traveled to Israel to record the songs with a band and a sound engineer and producer Ronen Roth,” says Elza.

You can find “Swayed” off of Elza’s upcoming album, Nothing’s Wrong, due November 2nd.

If you like artists like Florence And The Machine and Alanis Morissette, you may like Elza!

Watch her music video for “Swayed” below:

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