Looking to take a nostalgic trip through a modern lens with 90s inspired indie rock? Well look no further than Elyza Bleau’s first release off of her new Haunted EP, “Apparition” This song takes Bleau’s big, belty vocals on a journey into how we hang onto the past but need to let go in the process with a blend of The Pretenders and U2.

Being in a personal lockdown before March of 2020 anyway, she had moved away from the city into a bungalow on the beach.  Working 2 full-time jobs with a fierce independence led her to show up to her guitar every day in January. After 4 years of struggling to write, she wrote 21 songs in 30 days and was determined to make an EP, and then…all hell broke loose on earth.

Working from home, she was able to keep focusing on the EP. 

She wrote, “One day I had my guitar in hand and wrote a little ditty of a melody then I picked words from my grandmothers diary and wove a tale around her actual story. It was rich with the feeling of travel in the 1930’s, of a girl still in college going on a trip to a city I lived in for over a decade to see family we didn’t know we had. There was sadness, longing, excitement, and thrills. All told in the words of a girl who was just along for the ride.”

The song quickly replaced another as the 4th song on Haunted. We may carry around a heavy weight from our past, but we also carry around the laughter and silliness that lighten the load.

We are excited to hear more from this bright eyed eclectic songstress.