Eliot Popkin’s “Running” takes on realist escapism and confronts it in a story-teller’s fashion, complete with train tracks and acoustic guitar. Easy to listen and relate to, Eliot Popkin picks at the guitar just as much as his broken hearted battle scars. Bright and youthful Americana entrances the listeners after being welcomed onto a train ride, and follows along with the listeners as the songwriter takes us on a stop-by-stop journey. 

Carried along by masterful instrumentalization, “Running” will call out to listeners of all degrees when the artist cries “can somebody please stop time”. Such real emotion in the moment seems to do just that – stop time and leave a notable mark on the audience. As each train stop passes by in the story, we see the amount of times the author had the choice to stop running – Eliot Popkin’s intention all along. The emphasis is on the choice, and how running is a decision that is being made. Mirrored to lighthearted folk, the acclaimed singer/songwriter and author makes a point to show how stopping the seemingly blissful ignorance of running away is difficult, even if the time called for more somber reality.

With acoustic superiority like Vance Joy, Eliot Popkin will create a bright masterpiece that sweeps the audience into a soft dance. Raw and real vocals are behind “Running”, perfectly pairing with the raw and real lyrics. In his emotional cry for time Eliot Popkin becomes a soft Chris Stapelton, hitting a root-deep connection with listeners many artists only dream of. Vulnerability coats the song along with the artist’s light and ageless voice, creating a dream-like atmosphere.

Marked by clear self-reflection, “Running” shows up with your new favorite: the Americana Jason Mraz. Like a photograph the newly released EP lets you see into a snapshot of a moment. Much like the famed niche singer-songwriter band, The Gray Havens, Eliot Popkin is able to turn melodic music into a catchy teaching moment that sticks in your mind to settle in and stay a while.  Beautiful and endearing music will put you in a trance with “Running”, and will become a roadtrip classic – though not to be ironic. Gentle, soft, and thoughtful, Eliot Popkin’s audience will love his newest and latest release along with brand-new listeners alike. With a flowing acoustic stardom, this river of a song will run right to everyone’s heart in lighthearted consciousness.


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