Pop-Rock trio Elessar are set to embark upon their golden era. The Gloucestershire band present their foot stomping new single ‘Gold’ that is set to leave listeners feeling sweet. A track full of swagger it leads us back to a life without responsibilities, towards the younger years that possessed no negativity or drama and a sense of freedom.

Forming in 2016, Elessar made waves in the underground scene with their unique sound. Continuing to embrace a formidable rebrand in 2019 the charismatic trio’s sound embodies modern rock by infusing pop influenced vocals with riff heavy guitars. A sound that has been utilised heavily within their new single ‘Gold’.

Check out the official video for ‘Gold’ right here:

I wrote GOLD at a time when the entire world had been locked up, it’s about the good vibes only with friends who have inevitably moved on to their next stages in life, kids, marriage, houses. And how the pandemic lockdown made us realise how much we took our friends for granted. I’d have given it all up to go back to that one weekend when money and inhibitions weren’t an issue. Front man Ricky Powell.

‘Gold’ is the anticipated follow up from recent single ‘VICES’ which quickly became the bands highest streaming single and impressively surpassing over 18,000 streams on Spotify alone. Elessar possess a relentless stage show and have shared it with the likes of Mallory Knox, Boston Manor, The Bottom Line and many more. With the golden era ahead, Elessar are set to thrive from their momentum making them a force to be reckoned with as we progress through 2022.

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