Canadian rockers Elephants and Stars aren’t your usual rock ‘n’ roll outfit. The five piece tackle the ongoing resurgence of classic rock with a modern and refined touch, which will appease all lovers of this genre and beyond. They charge through in 2022 with lead single ‘On The Table’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Last Chance Power Drive’.

Soaring vocals from Sittmann make this track even bigger, with Elephants and Stars ensuing a real classic presence without shoving it down your throat. Remarkably understated and so many cool elements involved in the transcendent synths alongside thrashing guitar solos, make for a real fun and impressive combo.

“The lyrics were inspired by a true crime documentary about a senseless, drug-fuelled murder in small town USA,” says guitarist Manfred Sittmann, who wrote the lyrics in pieces in the days that followed. Check it out now.