Singing, songwriting and producing young sensation Kate Lomas is bringing all the summer vibes in her latest music video ‘Happy Like This’. Living life to its fullest, Lomas’ visual is a feel-good encouragement to entice everyone to embrace the moment and grab positive opportunities right here, right now.

The track which was co-produced by Kate and her long term musical collaborator Guy Britton, whose mixing abilities specialise in the alternative pop and indie scene has helped push Lomas from an unknown act to an established independent artist. ‘Happy Like This’ takes listeners on a whirlwind journey, from its gentle beginnings to its shout-along chorus, climaxing in sparkling synths and four-to-the-floor grooves. The lyrics whimsically dream about a carefree life, one which Lomas is highly passionate about as she states “Happy Like This is all about realising you’re happy with who and where you are” says Kate. “It’s the constant battle you have with yourself when you’re striving to achieve something, and you feel like you should always be one step further ahead to be happy. This song is about embracing the moment and placing your value in the here and now.”

The music video is nothing short of perfectly portraying the fun-filled message of the tracks lyrics. Teaming up with Croatian director Paolo Gentilini to visualise the perfect tonic to a summer of no regrets, Lomas is all-embracing of life’s good moments as she can be seen to be the life and soul of a party and the cool relaxed person chilling beside a swimming pool.

Following up from the single and subsequent music videos release of ‘Happy Like This’ which dominated Spotify’s New Pop Revolution playlist, Kate Lomas serves up the track’s sun-soaked, party-popping music video to coincide with the announcement of her upcoming headline show at Thousand Island, London later this Autumn.