Returning with a rally cry to today’s youth, Electro-pop enigma Jerad Finck is back with his latest single ‘New Kids’. Yet another track which blends Finck’s unique lyrical flexibility and technical producing skills, encouraging the millennial generation to stand up and stand together in the face of the modern world advertises.

‘New Kids’ is a song which speaks volumes. An honest call to arms, the tracks infectious vocal hook shouts aloud “We are the new kids” a statement that speaks directly to a generation of game changers and action makers, the sort of group determined to make a shift in society for the better amongst a world full of unpromising times. The lyrics are presented as a form of motivational speech, with Finck fearlessly singing “Time to rise up, gonna hear our voices” is vocalised atop of an anthemic mix of synths, guitars and claps alike. Paining a positive future for the many, Jerad Finck’s ‘New Kids’ is the kind of music that is making a difference, with its empowering message and passionate outcry appealing to the mainstream to strive for a hopeful future. 

Jerad “Felt like I had so much to say with everything going on in the world, and nothing speaks louder than music. I’ve really dove deep into mixing analogue sounds and synths with new modulation tools to really create sounds that were my own… Now I’m wrapping up and I’m so excited to get it out there.” Speaks Finck behind the lyrical inspiration behind new number ‘New Kids’. 

Jerad Finck’s philanthropic efforts certainly set him apart from artists in a similar space, especially for a singer, songwriter and musician so new to the scene. Finck’s newest single ‘New Kids’ gives the masses a hopeful glimpse into a future of community and unity, with its powerful message and poignant lyrics so desperately needing to be heard in critical times such as these.