From the east end of Toronto, ON, brings the independent alternative-R&B artist, Eadie. The talented songstress presents smooth R&B flows, with an alternative-pop twist. As a lover of alternative and hip-hop music, she writes poetic pieces over kicky beats. With each release, she mixes in a new mood; revealing another piece of her multifaceted persona. As Eadie puts it, she “doesn’t do love songs” and tends to focus her work on her struggles, behaviours and values.

Eadie’s new single, “Slowly,” is a light-hearted bop that plays on the idea of someone you love being that craving, devil on your shoulder or bad habit. Inspired by her own addictive personality, the song is set after a long night of contemplating one’s choices, and the morning cravings have set in. You’re aware of the problem, and want to make different choices, but the temptation is too much to handle.