DYNAMYTE is not a name you’ll forget in a hurry. Aside from conjuring up that badass, take-no-prisoners attitude that we know and love, the artist describing herself as “Wonder Woman-esque” isn’t just talk – she’s released an incredible ode to authenticity and honesty as well.


‘Show Me You’, like the tunes of Amy Winehouse and Duffy before her, is a timeless song. Reminiscent of the great girl groups of the 60s, with an updated modern R&B twist, it feels simultaneously retro and ultra-modern at the same time.


But that’s not all. In addition to blessing us with this fantastic track, DYNAMYTE has only gone and got us a brilliant remix package for us as well, coming soon to a dancefloor near you. With nightclubs opening up around the country, these remixes are set to be THE tune you’ll be dancing to all night long.