Dylan De Bono is an artist unlike many. The Maltese singer-songwriter has a unique love of pop and electronic music, which saw him burst on the scene in peak pandemic times, with his debut single ‘Feeling Shit Right Now’ becoming a real statement of intent.

A handful of singles later, he now returns with up tempo and silky pop single ‘I Can’t Say No.’ Full of sonic diversity, great vocals and a pop sensibility, De Bono holds his own in this highly addictive and playful pop track.

A crazy and highly interesting story, this evokes everything that Dylan De Bono is; an electro-pop artist who is on a limitless rise. ‘I Can’t Say No’ is just another example of his relentless craft, and Dylan gives his all in this new wave of pop sound for fans of The Weeknd, Lauv and Troye Sivan. check it out now.

Speaking more on the meaning behind ‘I Can’t Say No’ Dylan says:

‘I Can’t Say No (when you go down)’ is a electro-pop, club oriented song. It’s a song I wrote about a dancer I met at a strip-club when I was fresh from a break-up and  stepping a little on the wild side, embracing impulsive, sometimes self-destructive behaviour. The song is referencing the start of my intimate relationship with this girl.

The track is about sensing danger, and seeing several red flags, yet being helplessly seduced. It’s about weakness in the face of temptation, even though one should not be better. The music video will feature the dancer, the song was written about. The video was filmed in Mexico, since the Moscow-born dancer is currently living in Cancun.”