August 2021 – Dubem has just released a new studio effort titled Misfit. What’s really special about this release is that it tastefully blurs the lines between a wide variety of ideas and stylistic concepts, making for a one-of-a-kind feel and a refreshing attitude. This new project is a really good calling card for an artist who borrows from so many different styles and influences, coming out with a remarkably defined sound, filled with character and deeply personal nuances.

In terms of its performance, the release definitely hits the mark. The song is played with personality, passion, and intensity. In addition to that, there is a unique focus on trying to get the intensity of the track going steady, with the right pathos and vibe to match the arrangement of this beautiful tune.

Any fan of music that’s made from the heart will be absolutely pleased with the sound of this one, so give this release a go and don’t pass up! With such great melodies and forward-thinking sonic aesthetics, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Find out more about Dubem, and do not miss out on Misfit, which is now available on the web.