‘Tuuuuuune!’ How many times did you scream that during the 90s – or later, we don’t mind – every time D:Ream’s dance classic ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ cropped up on the radio or down your favourite discotheque? We’ve lost count. 


And right now, you should be making some room in your killer house tunes arsenal, as D:Ream are back, back, back with an out-and-out belter of a tuuuune, the first single taken from the album Open Hearts, Open Minds that drops this July. Just in time for that summer of love we’ve been promised. 


‘Meet Me At Midnight’ is the tune in question, and it’s a to-the-letter perfect dance record. Pete Cunnah – fronting the accompanying video like a trouper with grace, charm and a cracking voice – and Al Mackenzie have produced (with a whole load of finesse) a pared back dance anthem that lets the beats do the talking, with just enough synths, for a retro-house vibe we can totally get behind. Bring on those summer vibes!