Did we ever have a chance? Oh these circumstances, like some sick drought coming up through the floor.”

Plants Behind Glass” engages with our ability to see a lost cause only once the damage is done, only after the effort was made. The song is embellished with a glowing nostalgia, while acknowledging – even missing – the naivety which new love brings.

“Plants Behind Glass” is a reflection on longing, but at its core, it asks why so often the more we want something the more we push it away. It questions what is in our control, and what is seemingly out of our hands, and how despite our best efforts, we end up in the exact place we don’t want to be. Why is it that where we were or what we had isn’t clear until it’s gone and over? In the end, has the story written itself? 

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Love Writes Itself was written across a three-year stretch. The record’s earliest tracks came to be while touring Europe in support of my debut album Shook, while others found their place during cabin retreats on British Columbia’s Gulf Islands.

Though keeping in line with the chilled-out vibe of my early work, Love Writes Itself pivots from the more digitalistic impressions of Shook towards a decidedly organic groove of symphonic strings, woodwinds, piano, and guitar. 

The album is full of lush and flowery dialogue, but there’s an oppressive nature to many of its visuals. There’s a knotting together of the beautiful and brutal, the crass and the elegant. 

I think these juxtapositions have a special way of speaking to life, love and romance.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to sharing my full sophomore album, Love Writes Itself, with the world on February 14th.