Downupright is an electric hyperpop, EDM, electro-rock artist who is taking the new music scene by storm. Influenced by artists such as The Faint, 100 Gecs, and KMFDM, Downupright fuses modern elements with honest lyrics to create an unforgettable musical experience. This latest project is something special because it carves out a unique sonic niche for itself- the blend of hyperpop vocals with industrial riffs and EDM core stylings. 

Downupright has just released their new album Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot this year, and it has their listeners already wanting more. They have since said “Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot begins with a juxtaposition of spaghetti-western guitars with dial up modem sounds, before the aggressive main riff comes out to play. Don’t call me a robot, begs the vocalist.”

Some of the other tracks such as “Wallow” have been described as “the most straightforward –  and is flat-out about enjoying depression. There is a certain sick way you can get where you feel like the depression is your friend and you want to be left alone to wallow in it because it feels so good to have something to be sad about.” The honesty within this project is dark yet harshly relatable to the listener which grabs their fans closer. 

The artist describes the lead single, “Dirty”, as “the catchiest of the three. It’s about a disgusting feeling of needing to run away from somebody who is saying repulsive things that make you not like them any more. You know how sometimes you are in a conversation with somebody you thought you liked and they drop a racist or sexist bomb and suddenly you just have to leave?”

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It is clear that artist Downupright has no problem sharing the honest truths of their struggles, and that itself captures the listeners throughout this project. Check out Downupright anywhere you stream music and their electric new album Click Here To Prove You Are Not A Robot today!

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