The Japanese phenom reemerges with one of her most dynamic tracks to date.

New York-based, singer and songwriter Shihori has released a new single “Fire”, the latest single from her upcoming album that will be released Summer 2021.

One of Japan’s boldest and most prolific artists, Shihori has gained international prominence with dozens of hit songs, including ‘BATTLE QUEENS 2020’  a theme song from the world wide popular video game, ‘League of Legends’ (which has over 1.6 million views on Youtube), Billboard charted cover song, ‘The Real Folk Blues’ and handfuls of other J-anime theme songs. On her latest track, she takes a major step forward, creating an adventurous sound unlike anything else in modern music.

With its thunderous production and swaggering rhythms, ‘FIRE’ makes an immediate impression. It is a wholly unpredictable listen, full of inventive sounds and mesmerizing atmospheres. At the center of it all is Shihori’s one of a kind voice – a deeply evocative instrument in and of itself. Singing with unquestionable confidence, she delivers one of the most memorable vocal performances you’re likely to hear this year. ‘FIRE’ is an unforgettable track from one of music’s most essential young voices.

Shihori shouts out passionately in her new song “FIRE” as she rejects the decrees of corporate culture, “Don’t be a walking dead!”, Shihori exclaims. Like a flame being ignited, she rises up and refuses to be extinguished by the norms of society.

Shihori on “Fire”: “You may get beaten down, your heart may be broken, but you can rise back up and start again and again, as long as you are alive!”

Shihori’s music champions a message of love and life empowerment. Her inspiring story begins in childhood. She felt as though she was a loner and she was trapped in a world shaped by total deafness in one ear along with having Asperger’s Syndrome. Conditions that combined to make social connection extremely difficult. She was alone and she didn’t know how not to be. She found a sense of community and the ability to “belong” through music. She hopes that she can become a role model for young Asian women in America by sharing her story and music.

Shihori is a visionary New York-based singer and songwriter who has enjoyed over a decade of success in the Japanese pop industry and beyond. Her work encompasses original songs as well as compositions for internationally-acclaimed anime tv shows and computer games. She boasts 11 gold-certified singles and albums that total over a million sales.

‘FIRE’ is available everywhere now!