Written by: Melanie Gomez

Today we have three artists to share with you! Silhouette Rising, Sarah Ragsdale, and MaWayy.

Silhouette Rising is an uplifting pop rock band who thrive on the passion for life and its infinite possibilities has always been apparent in the songs. Frontman, songwriter, and creative firebrand Cameron Liberatore, suffered terrible injuries in a car accident in 2014. Although he’s on the road to recovery, he won’t be performing any time soon. Due to that, the band created the Happiness III project, which is an album of tracks built from Liberatore’s musical ideas, and one that cements his legacy as one of Boston’s most inventive and passionate songwriters and bandleaders.   

Their song “Technicolor” off the album is a heartfelt singalong similar to bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Eat World. The track is a beautiful reminder of a gifted artist taken from us too soon. You can check out their video for “Technicolor” below.

Sarah Ragsdale is a singer, pianist, songwriter, and composer from New Jersey who has toured and performed live in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa and made television appearances around the world. With so much going on for her, she will finally be releasing her new album Whimsical Romance this Fall.
Explaining the album, she says, “Life is like one big romance. This collection of songs is about that romantic story called life, and the ups and downs that come along with it.”

Filmed around the city of Baltimore, check out her video for “This Kiss” off of her upcoming album below!

MaWayy is an EDM artist who stands for bringing energy, peace and great music that lights up the dance floor, and they created the perfect song that represents just that. The drum builds, the indelible chorus, the stuttering synthesizers, slowed-down vocal sample, and the yearning lead performance in their latest track “Wrong” definitely proves it.

The Emmy Award-winning Brian Wayy in MaWayy has already composed music for hundreds of shows. He’s also a pop remixer who has done electronic reinterpretations for songs for artists such as Paula Abdul, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, and more. But Brian isn’t the only talent in the duo. Masoud Fuladi or Caspian Beat of MaWayy, as many of his international fans know him,  is one of the most successful electronic musicians in Iran, as well as an attraction in the cosmopolitan city of Bandar-e-Azali.

The two have never met in person, but the chemistry they’ve developed over the Internet is what created “Wrong.”
Check out their video for “Wrong” below!