After previewing Cross-Channel Music’s full, 9-track album, ‘Man In A Dream,’ I can confidently say that it is their best music project yet. There are so many different tracks on this album, and it is truly a chameleon album. Cross-Channel Music does not waste one single, solitary musical moment on this album. There are no fillers on this project and every track has a life of its own.

The plucky strings tease on the opening track, ‘All The Effers.’ It is an upbeat track that has a sporadic, thrilling aura. It is the perfect start to the album. It has so many sonic elements that make it interesting. The acoustic guitars, rapid pace drums, heavenly synths, and pitch-perfect vocals. Next is the retro-party blitz of ‘A Change Is Coming.’ The guitars are heavy and loud while the beat and bass intermingle to create the perfect backbone to the song. The reggae tinged ‘He Was A Man In A Dream’ is up next. In keeping with the rest of the album, it sounds nothing like any of the other songs. Cross-Channel Music’s ability to do this cannot be overlooked.

It is hard to pick a favorite track from the album because no song can really be compared to the other. Despite each song having its own set of legs and direction, the album is wonderfully consistent.  ‘Man In A Dream’ is out this October 1st to stream and download on all major platforms.

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