The 18-year-old upcoming talent proves why he’s such an exciting emerging artist by releasing a heavily relatable catchy track. ‘Okay’ see’s Thxrsday team up with producer Capsctrl and guest feature X ENVY X as he progresses with pure emotion in his songwriting. It became a positive outlet in his life during difficult times. 

The track opens up with beautifully expansive guitar work allowing Thxrsday’s soulful vocals to take centre stage. The introduction of a crisp cut beat brings power into the rhythm by drawing us into a crucially intense chorus.

We hear the undeniable passion in Thxrsday’s lyrical delivery making this a track that listeners delve straight into, losing themselves into Thxrsday’s alluring vocals. This track is a special one for Thxrsday as it’s the first track he wrote for this project. 

Talking about the single Thxrsday mentions, “It’s where everything began and the intro of the song is such a relatable chorus, it can’t help but get stuck in your head.” 

When talking about the creative process of the music he creates Thxrsday delves deep into a personal moment of his journey. “I went through a very traumatic breakup, and it brought to light so many self-destructive tendencies. If I wasn’t writing, I spent my nights either crying or self-medicating, so I started writing more and more. At one point I was writing more than 20 quality songs a day, each with their own melodies and clever rhymes but my song ‘Okay’ remains special as it is the first song I ever wrote.”

Although still incredibly young his impressive career to date has seen an abundance of praise. Having done all this at just the age of 18 years old makes Thxrsday such an exciting artist to keep an eye on for 2021 and the future. 

Check out the single right here.