Toronto-based Alternative artist Delyn Grey returns with a somber and timely message in new single/music video for “Ghost Town”, out now on digital platforms. Delyn’s voice has a sobering, mourning quality as she tackles dark themes with unflinching honesty.

Delyn shares:
“These are desperate times. We watch individuals, towns, cities, and countries so harshly impacted by the unknown, and will continue to until the storm settles. May we support each other, may we embrace this opportunity to learn, to heal, to seek answers. Be kind to your neighbors. Be sensible and prudent. Be hopeful. I wrote this song two days into quarantine. Feelings of helplessness, shock, and disbelief became suffocating. Funnily enough, this is probably the only “uplifting” and “unifying” song I’ve written. The world is in turmoil. That can’t and should NOT be ignored. We have to do our part in taking this seriously. Use your voices. Not to delegate or to sway opinions, but to optimize this opportunity to share, connect, support and heal. Don’t hide behind your screens and wait for someone else to make the difference, find the answers, and feel the feelings.”

The upcoming release of the dark-hearted Toronto singer-songwriter’s bold EP, Disappointment Girl, does more than mark the birth of her latest musical child. It also signals the long-gestating rebirth of her sound, her style and her single-minded approach to her deeply intimate art.

Her artistic fire was sparked as a toddler and stoked throughout her youth by music-geek parents. Dad played guitar around the house — when he wasn’t playing satirical songs as Scary Pete on Toronto’s long-running Humble & Fred radio show, or leading his own Peter Bloom Band. Both he and her mom raised her on a musical diet of classics from Elvis and The Beatles to Elton and Bowie. When she discovered the monumentally talented and tortured Winehouse, she found a kindred spirit and her main musical model.

Now it’s what drives her. Admittedly, digging deep, probing wounds and sharing the cold, hard truth with strangers does not come easy. But going dark has undeniably helped Grey see the artistic light. And she is reaping the rewards, personally and professionally

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