Toronto-based Alternative Indie artist Delyn Grey continues her bold exploration of the darkness on riveting new single “Daddy’s Love”, a guitar-heavy rocker that introduces a shot of menace into her powerful signature sound.

Delyn shares:
“I want people to feel empowered to deflect other people’s defeatist projections with this one. I love this song, man. It’s gotten me through some serious mind-screws. It’s a relief. Don’t ever let anyone dictate what your relationship with your passion, loved-ones, and yourself look like. It’s not up to them and you must be pretty cool if people are trying to keep you from reaching your full potential, ha! Be fearless, be unapologetic, and maybe take the high road instead of calling out their daddy issues…? Keep doing you. I hope you find something for you in this track.
I worked  on the Daddy’s Love video with the incredible team at Persephone Media and they took this song to a whole new world. So stoked for everyone to see their incredible work. This team is one to watch! More material to come very soon.”

Delyn Grey is a Toronto-based artist looking to break some barriers via alt-rock waves. Delyn’s voice is rooted in the contemporary, but has a unique depth and richness of timbre, and maturity of emotion that distinguishes her not only from her like-aged peers, but from older, established artists as well.. Lyrically, Ms. Grey reaches far beyond the typical love-and-heartbreak themes, which are superficially indulged ad nauseam by the vast majority of current commercial artists. Stylistically, Delyn bravely combines current R&B and electronic vibes with edgier rock elements reminiscent of the early days of Grunge, resulting in an accessible yet fresh, exciting, and at times even slightly dangerous feel to her music. From the artist : “I’ve had a lot of people tell me “no” over the years or “yes,if…”. Maybe I wasn’t “ready” then (whatever that means), but it hasn’t stopped me from honing my craft and finding new avenues to explore. All I can do is keep chugging along authentically and unapologetically. I’m convinced the right people will come along to help me make this whatever it wants to become.” From choir-girl days to alt-rocker/full-time legal studies student and not for profit employee, Grey’s dedication to music has never wavered. In fact, she’d argue it’s only grown stronger. Delyn is a force to be reckoned with.

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