Times are stressful right now. There are riots breaking out the world over, the pandemic is still going strong and things seem hopeless. At rock bottom, we push our emergency buttons. At rock bottom, we have Delena, and her newest release, ‘SOS’.


‘SOS’ is a song written about hitting that rock bottom, and then picking yourself up and fighting back. It’s a dance-pop song with a message, and that message is one of fury, and determination. Characterised by marching drums and Delena’s breathless vocal, the track is one of clarity found in moments of despair, and clearly presents Delena as a voice and an artist for the times. The chorus, instead of coming across like a damsel in distress crying for help, shows Delena finding strength in vulnerability, in admitting that she needs help, and therein, finds her power.


In crying for help, Delena manages to save herself in the process.