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How Many Times,” the first single from my forthcoming EP, Triggers & Mirrors, is about freeing myself from the traditional restrictions and societal obligations of being a woman and not passing on the programs and patterns I inherited to a child of my own.


I was pretty sure from a very young age that I wouldn’t be a mother. My relationship with my mother was complex and challenging, and resulted in my not knowing her for most of my adult life.


For the official “
How Many Times” video,
I knew I wanted to feature Barbara Bourget of Kokoro Dance. I asked her son Jo (Jo Passed平林) for an introduction and who he thought would be the best fit to shoot her choreography. Turns out that person was him.


The video was shot, directed, and edited by Jo with lighting/projections by Alex Mackenzie and is meant to illustrate the struggle of a woman who is aspiring to evolve past what came before her.


Triggers & Mirrors is an experimental electro-pop EP which at its heart is a true collaboration between myself, co-writer and producer James Meger, producer/engineer Jesse Zubot (Tanya Taqaq), and vocalist and creative collaborator Molly Guldemond (Mother Mother).


Thank you for listening. If you enjoy the song, feel free to share with a friend.