Davy Williamson has long been a staple of North Carolina’s music scene. Founding both Third Class Passenger and Ma-Shot-Pa, the former rock and punk frontman has finally overcome his internal doubts to begin his solo career. His debut single, fittingly titled “Thin Disguise,” gives listeners the most in-depth look at Williamson they have ever received. A three-and-a-half-minute whirlwind experience is delivered, beginning with soaring guitar chords that rip through the air before falling back for Williamson to belt his first solo lyrics. Tales of despair and struggle against insurmountable odds are apparent throughout the runtime of the record, and his storytelling ability is up there with some of the better punk rock writers of the modern era. His voice has a certain tone that makes the listener feel his plight, and an emotional core has always been the backbone to a Williamson led record. His debut solo EP is set to release in 2021, offering more than ever a look at the ever-talented multi-instrumentalist Davy Williamson.

-Colton Devonshire