Filled to the brim with country electric guitar, heavy-handed drum kit melodies and lyrics reminiscent of MTV and the early 2000’s, DAVIS88’s new EP, “Rockin Out & Runnin’ Wild”, is the perfect blend of Rock, Country and Hip-Hop.


Jordan Davis (AKA: DAVIS88) is a Rockingham, North Carolina native who grew up listening to his grandfather’s country music and the popular Hip-Hop music that dominated the charts of the early noughties. During his studies at university, Jordan taught himself guitar and soon began to write his own songs. He released his first EP in 2012, and has continued writing and recording since then. 


Jordan’s “Rockin Out & Runnin’ Wild” EP is a genre non-conforming piece with influences of all the music Jordan listened to growing up, “I was heavy into Rock and Rap music. My family exposed me to Country and Classic Rock. Being from North Carolina, we get a blend of it all, so I am a blend of it all”. 



The first song of the album, “Lights Up”, is a pump-up, time-to-get-serious song with a focus on Hard Rock and Hip-Hop. “Out For Blood” and “Rockin Out & Runnin’ Wild” both have more Southern Rock and Country undertones. However, while “Out For Blood” has a similar theme to “Lights Up”, “Rockin Out & Runnin’ Wild” is a fun beer drinking, party song with a very laid back vibe. The fourth song, “She’s My Rock N’ Roll”, is a slower acoustic country tune that takes inspiration from the eye-catching girl at the bar or party that stands out from the crowd. The last song is a Rock, Hip-Hop cover of Cage the Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” in Jordan’s unique music style, the perfect way to wrap up this rocking EP. 


With the release of this EP, 2021 is looking up to be an amazing year for DAVIS88!