I’ve always thought of my music as a call to live life to the fullest. On Beach Music, my ninth full-length album, that call rings out clearer than ever before. I’m very excited to be sharing these songs with you today!

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Possibly the happiest song on the upcoming album, “Older Now” did a complete 360 when the band came to record it in the studio. Inspired by my aunt’s cancer diagnosis and eventual beating of the disease, this started out as a much slower and sadder song. My bandmates lifted the music up to take it in another direction. Although the subject material may be on the more serious side, once that harmonica kicks in, you’ll be left feeling inspired and ready to groove.
Beach Music is a collection of songs that I think really represent where I’m at in life. I spent a lot of time writing the lyrics, and was lucky enough to have a great creative space in my family’s new home on the Sunshine Coast to work on these songs. When contemplating an album name, Beach Music made the most sense. People have asked for years what type of music I play, and I think this sums it up the best…
[bēCH myo͞ozik]
1. any sweet, pleasing, or harmonious vocal and/or instrumental sound or sounds combined in such a way as to evoke a feeling of deep satisfaction and well being.
2. of or denoting a genre of music that results in the irresistible urge to dance, sing, laugh, and crack another cold one – may include elements of jazz, reggae and rock and roll, or any genre characterized by highly infectious grooves and lyrics that perfectly suit your mood.
3. live music performed in the company of friends and family and accompanied by the steady consumption of ice-cold adult beverages and/or ‘herb’ – most commonly heard around campfires, or on hot sunny days in coastal areas.
‘Fire up that Beach Music and toss me a beer’
Hope you like what you hear! Remember – life is short, go out and get the good things.