US Electronic Dance Producer ‘Subrinse’ has released the fourth and final piece of his ‘Subtropic Cyber City’ EP. The track itself is a remix of Hip Hop artist Walt Flames single ‘NO I.D’ it hits hard!

‘NO I.D’ is the hotly anticipated follow up remix to Subrinse’s previous hit remix ‘Discussion’ which was placed in Adidas stores worldwide, and has surpassed over 100k streams on Spotify alone. This has firmly placed Subrinse on the map for being one of the most exciting new electronic artists around at the moment.

Subrinse had this to say about the track.

“The whole project came about after having access to a bunch of really dope acapellas from talented artists in the Nashville area. The name of the project comes from taking Nashville’s subtropical climate and reimagining it in an electronic light – hence, ‘Subtropic Cyber City’”, explains Subrinse. “The remix itself features one of Nashville’s up-and-coming artists, Walt Flames, and is a great track for those summer party vibes. The track marries Walt’s smooth hip hop vocals with a fun and funky yet driving track.”

We are loving the diversity that Subrinse creates through his music here at Indie-Music

You should check out the new single right here.