Conducting each note with a light gracefulness, Dana Gavanski’s fingertips appear to dance whilst aiding their owner in expressing the stories behind each of her lighter-than-air tones. Stories which, on her new album When It Comes, may never have been heard if not for healing ‘lost’ vocal cords and a lesson in taking the rough with the smooth.

In many ways this record feels like it is my first. When I could use my voice, I had to focus so there is an urgency and greater emotional trajectory than before… it’s very connected to vocal presence, which extended into an existential questioning of my connection to music. It felt like a battle at times, which I frequently lost. – Dana Gavanski

The record’s focus track, “Bend Away & Fall,” is about the constant zigzag of closing and opening up. Learning to give chances to new experiences and how to stick around when the going gets tough. The hegemony of old habits, fears and anxieties and the attempt to overthrow the deceitful draw to comfort in favour of flexibility and deep focus.