Honesty, authenticity and a true sense of self are of utmost importance to D.K. Lyons. The Manhattan based songsmith blends musical styles with ease, drawing from a variety of acts like The 1975, Third Eye Blind and Prince. Lyons manages to create wonderfully intimate pieces that still remain colorful and vibrant, and showcase his unique perspective on Alternative and Pop Rock. 

His latest offering was inspired by the incredible women sportswriters that D.K. follows from his hometown who constantly do battle with archaic views of what women should be. Cue ‘The Girls of Summer’, a glossy Pop Rock anthem that shows his unwavering support for these women. The track is also accompanied by a music video.

‘The Girls of Summer’ comes just as the US celebrates 50 years of Title IX and is intended to show support for women everywhere, particularly in a time where many of their rights are being stripped away. 

You can check out ‘The Girls of Summer’ below